Eco-Driver Training

Eco-driving is the way we can drive to not only reduce fuel bills, but also cut carbon emissions and lower accident rates.

Eco-driving can be as simple and straight forward as you need and subsidised training could be available for all business drivers.

There are several benefits of Eco-driving:

  • A reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • An increase in MPG by up to 15 per cent
  • Reducing the risk of vehicle accidents and insurance implications
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear
  • The Environment

Teesside LGV Training promoting Eco-driving is not about sacrificing performance and journey times and enjoyment. We promote a professional approach and becoming a better driver which goes hand in hand with the benefits.

The training promotes road awareness and planning with smooth vehicle handling, resulting in less wear and tear on company vehicles, with fewer accidents.

All training is delivered by a DVSA-registered fleet trainer who has attended an Eco-driving 'train-the-trainer' course and is qualified to pass on the benefits to both individuals and businesses.