Fleet Driver Training and Occupational Road Risk

Fleet driver training is aimed at companies in both the public and private sector.

It is an integral part of the fleet management programme and the aim of the training is to reduce the risks encountered by company drivers whilst at the same time lowering fleet costs by reducing accidents, costs and insurance premiums.

"Duty of Care"

If a company employs drivers or has employees who drive as part of their job role then a business has responsibilities. A company has a duty of care to all employees and extends to all drivers of company vehicles and their own vehicles when driving on behalf of the business.

Benefits of Fleet Driver Training

Identifying how to cut the cost of running a fleet, which includes fleet insurance premiums, reducing maintenance and repair costs as a result of higher driving standards in work vehicles. A reduction in the number of incidents of driver related issues. Drivers being coached into learning new eco-driving skills which could easily implemented on a daily basis.

In addition to the above benefits, companies have a responsibility to promote more of a professional image on the road through confident and cautious drivers to promote their business image within the public domain on the road.

Drivers who'll benefit from Fleet Driver Training include

  • Persistent Speeders
  • Accidents and Knocks
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Drivers who may lack confidence
  • Complaints from members of the public