Why Our Training Can Help You Secure A Driving Career

If you are reading this because you are undecided in what you should do in regards to changing your career to a LGV Driver then you will find some interesting reading. There are so many different types of driving jobs available from long distance, night trunkers, continental and local, most offering exceptional wages due to the shortage of drivers.

The Shortage of Drivers

The Road Haulage Distribution & Training Council (RHDTC) have surveyed and concluded that 72% of the countries top 100 transport companies in the UK have driver shortage problems. The survey also estimated that the industry needed to recruit around 50,000 additional LGV drivers to fill the current vacancies. You may wonder why there is such a problem? The average age of an LGV Driver is now 46 years old and with thousands of drivers reaching retirement age each year and not enough people taking up the Class C and C+E qualifications things are only looking worse for the transport industry.

Evaluating Your Options

These are the two main options open to LGV drivers. With a driver's agency you are employed by the agency and are paid directly by them. The agencies supply drivers on a temporary basis to transport companies sometimes as holiday cover or perhaps during peak times of the year. Agency drivers will often be sent to many different companies during the year and will accumulate a lot of experience quickly. One problem is that few agencies guarantee the amount of work they can offer you and there may be times that the driver is not offered work every day.

Your Career

Many drivers prefer the security of permanent employment with one company. This has the benefit of things like a guaranteed income, annual holidays and possible internal promotion. The salary a driver can earn will be approximately the same with either an agency or a permanent employer.

Our Real Life Training Vehicles Provide Real Training