MIDAS TRAINING - Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme

MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme which is overseen by the Community Transport Association UK (CTA) which promotes a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of drivers of minibuses. The scheme is designed to enhance the safe driving of minibuses and promote safe operation. Currently there are over 5000 member organisations throughout the UK, with over 92000 drivers who are trained to the standard that MiDAS promotes.

Benefits of the MiDAS

  • Raising driver awareness towards their responsibilities
  • Enhanced passenger safety and comfort
  • Some insurance companies may recognise the additional training and offer reduced premiums
  • Reduced vehicle costs and downtimes
  • Professional image and qualification

Who is MiDAS aimed at?

The Community Transport Association (CTA) is a national charity that represents and supports providers of community transport: thousands of local charities and community groups across the UK that all provide transport services that fulfil a social purpose and community benefit.

This support is of benefit to any organisation that relies on their staff using minibuses, which could include schools, colleges and universities.

Standard course covers classroom training in all elements vehicle safety within the work place, on-road assessment and skills training

Accessible course covers classroom training and practical training and assessment in using equipment assisting wheelchair users.

Refresher courses are available, and Refresher training can be covered every 4 years as required to keep up to date with the MiDAS qualification.